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On Monday Oct 19th I had an appointment with Familia Dental in Wheeling, IL . My Appointment was at 6pm, I had to drive all the way from Gurnee IL because they said that take my insurance and that they could handle what I needed.

I arrived at 515pm and I filled out the paperwork and was called back into room number six. I was greeted by a young girl who was going to take my xrays, and asked me if I was in any pain, I said yes and I was given more xrays on those areas. At the point I was shivering cold and she offered me a gown to help keep me warm. As I waited in the room I had a young boy hand me paperwork to sign to do work on the teeth that needed anesthesia.

I told Dr. Yan my major concern today was to focus on #19 tooth that need a extraction. She told me she was able to do it so her husband came into the room ( also another DR) to give me 2 shots and she came back into the room to give me 2 more shots in the area that needed the work done. Total of 4 shots and at this point my left side was numb and lips were numb.

As Dr Yan started working on it she noticed she had nothing ready or prepared in the room that she needed to work on the tooth. She had several assistances walking in and out of the room who looked clueless on what was going on. One the them were washing the tools I needed for my mouth in the sink and they said “ Don’t worry we aren’t washing them, we are cooling them down”. So she began to start working on the tooth again, and at this point her tool she needed to use was no working properly so she asked her assistant to hold the water sprayer in my mouth while she drills and hacks at my tooth, but this assistant didn’t know how to do that so I was choking on the water and it was spraying all over my shirt ( my shirt was SOAKING wet.) I was getting so upset and nervous, and she kept asking what was wrong, and why I kept looking at her.

I said because I have no clue what was going on and everyone was not on the same page. So she continued to keep going as tooth pieces are going down my throat and she cut my tongue with the drill, at the point I was even more nervous. So I was deciding when I was going to get up and walk out but I really thought about how much I needed this done and she was halfway there. So she start pushing and pulling, and forcing the tooth to come out and she said it was really hard and she didn’t know if she could do it so she began forcing the tooth the come out and as she pushed down very hard, I felt all the pressure and the tool she was using punctured right into my left cheek causing massive bleeding .

I had enough and I ripped off the gown and the safety glasses and I started screaming and crying and she kept saying she was sorry and she couldn’t do it and that maybe I should go to the emergency room and then walked away to work on another patient. She left it all broken and bloody and didn’t file it down it was all sharp edges, she just gave up on me. I had a full on anxiety attack and was shaking and crying and no one in the office had any sympathy for me at all or offer me any help. I left helpless and scared.

She didn’t write me a prescription or give me any pain pills, or not even a ice pack for my swollen cheek that was bleeding and bruised. I actually went to the Hospital and sat there for 2 hrs with ice packs and bleeding. I was in so much pain and I had to see a different dentist the next day to get pain pills and prescription for antibiotics and he filed the tooth that DR yan left bloody and broken inside my gums. I was in so much pain, and still am 1 week later.

I have had a bruise on my left cheek for 1 week and its so ugly , and I have pain and Suffering and I have fear of the dentist now because I lived the dentist nightmare. BEWARE OF FAMILIA DENTAL DR YAN!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Familia Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: compensation for pain and suffering and oral surgery that i need for her mistakes.

I didn't like: Unprofessional, No communication, Lack of knowledge, Dr yan.

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I'm glad you've never been an EMT or a combat medic.

You fall apart too easily.

Too much description of your emotional state.

That stated, you really got manhandled by these so-called doctors ( foreign imports by the sound of it ).

You need a basic reorganization.

Find a genuine, qualified, well known dentist in your area. Discuss payment options. Review your insurance. If necessary, switch them too.

Obviously the current insurer has a problem with their selection of providers - the ol' lowest bidder routine ...

You are ultimately your own case manager !

I'd also consider a personal injury action against the Yan group. I don't know what you've signed off on or any more of your case history, but some recompense may be in order.

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